Can carbon dating be faked

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Why was Northern Europe thought of as unsophisticated in the Bronze Age?In pre-history, the most advanced societies include the Egyptians, Minoans and the Babylonians.The disc was offered for sale with the swords and jewels from the outset.When all of the artefacts had been recovered and brought back to the museum, soil analysis proved scientifically that the disc and the swords had been found together.After just 24 hours, corrosion would be noticeable. Carbon dating is one of the most powerful tools archaeologists possess for dating ancient objects.

Are archaeologists expecting to find more evidence that people in Northern Europe were more sophisticated in the Bronze Age than previously thought?The swords were matched by Harald Meller against pictures of swords in his museum in Halle.Most archaeologists possess expert knowledge of the fine details of the important objects in their field.It would take thousands of years for the large crystals of corrosion on the Nebra Star disc to form. Corrosion can be faked either chemically or by electro-chemical means.The crudest and most simple way is to simply pass a small electric current through a piece of bronze.

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Any new archaeological find - if it is part of a common group of objects, such as swords or spear heads or pots, for instance – can be matched with those already known whose age has been established by carbon dating.

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