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Leaning my head into my palm, I listened to Derek speak. I shouldn't be so paranoid about this; Harry trying to make moves on me.

What I should be paranoid about is him telling Derek about what happened, but I know he won't do that because he knows that will hurt Derek as his friend and me, his... "..I was telling him too..." It wasn't until Derek moved his hand from under the table to give Harry an example using both his hands.

You flopped onto the bed and took out your phone, making a call to the doctor's office. " You blushed at the question, wondering if the lady was joking with you. If you could go to the Saint Marcie Hostpital on 3rd Street and pick up a small white box, it should help you with your problem." "What is it? ~ You opened the door to your apartment and the second you did, you were engulfed in a tight and warm hug. Adrian spun you around and you almost dropped the white box ontological the floor. "It's a gift box for my cousin's birthday that's coming up. You had gone to the doctors today and they confirmed your suspicion, and told you to tell Adrian. Of course, today had to be a day where someone was akumatized. He held onto your legs from the back of your knees and your arms were weakly wrapped around his neck. "She's not injured", Ladybug said, making eye contact with Chat. You looked back at him, and you could tell that he knew something.

" "A test." Your face blushed even harder as you nodded. Chat Noir, Ladybug and you had finally caught the Akuma from Kinder Kindler, a preschooler that was yelled at for playing wth fire. Ladybug restored everything and that's when a major cramp came in.

It hurts like hell and it's tearing me away from you and I can't take it", you ranted, tears and snot running down Chat's suit.

However I still felt a hand on my thigh, now moving a little higher. I started moving my thigh away from him, but he kept his hand tight on my thigh and would move my leg back, closer to him until I eventually stopped trying. His fingertips reached the hem of my dress, fidgeting with it, then sliding his whole hand under.

I sat tightly in my chair, concentrating on Derek's words though I found that to be hard since Harry's hand inched closer and closer. This time started pushing away his hand with both of mine, each time I end up failing for his hand alone continued to dominate mine.

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