Dating a paralyzed guy

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Dating a paralyzed guy

"One thing he did for me that was really helpful was give me some materials to read that talked about sex after SCI, the actual bladder and bowel stuff and how that works," she said.

Reading it helped her come to terms with it on her own, and gave her specific questions to ask him later.

"If you're afraid of something, talk about it," he advised.

This way, she felt she wasn't being deceptive, but she also gave people a chance to notice other things about her first."After my injury, the first thing I had to deal with was my body image," she remembered."I came out of the hospital almost bald (an allergic reaction to medication).Getting comfortable with himself was an important step in being able to feel confident about dating.Brad's wife of seven years, Amy, had never met anybody in a wheelchair before him.

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"We talked about everything; there was no taboo," he said.

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