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Dating rule son

What you decree you should also declare that is to speak emphatically, make known and clearly state your position upon the matter.

In order to both decree and declare a thing and expect to see the manifestation you must know the word of God so you understand your legal right to have your decree upheld.

We decree and declare that our eyes are being enlightened, our understanding is increasing, and we are entering into a different level of intimacy, personal relationship with you and are positioning ourselves to be impregnated by your holy spirit even as you impregnated Mary with your holy word, your son, Jesus.

We decree and declare that we are impregnated with your word and your word prospers in us.

You shall decree, the power is yours, state your case and write out the conditions regarding your home, family, ministry and all that concern you.It does not return without accomplishing that which it was sent to do.Read Jeremiah 1:9-19 to comprehend the principle behind speaking the word of God.There is a word in the Word of God that holds the answers to your question.You must understand the principle behind decreeing and declaring.

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We decree and declare your blood covering over our offspring that they shall live and not die, they seek you, they love you, they are the best of the best in all that they do, great is their peace, they desire wisdom and seek after it and understand that the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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