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Floyd mayweather who is he dating

Harris and Mayweather had a tempestuous relationship, full of fallings out and makeups but by then they were living apart.Harris and the children lived in an upscale area along Las Vegas' western edge, while Mayweather lived at his own property with Shantel Jackson, who had become his main love interest.Harris was later treated at a hospital, but she believes Koraun saved her from more serious harm."(My dad) said to lock my door and stay in my room," Koraun said, speaking softly but clearly as he sat beside Harris."I sat there and thought about what I was going to do next.

Harris says she spent several years feeling sorry for herself, but counseling, therapy and anti-depressants have brought her to a point where she feels empowered. She didn't know who former Baltimore Ravens star Rice was, let alone his partner, Janay."I hope his lessons aren't too harsh as he does have a good heart."The heady world of professional sports and the adrenaline and glamour attached to it can provide an intoxicating mix for those caught up in the lifestyle.Mayweather is the highest-earning athlete in sports – he collected .5 million for his September 2013 victory over Saul Alvarez – and once posted online an ATM receipt that indicated an account balance of 3 million. – A Floyd Mayweather fight generally goes something like this.For 12 rounds an out-matched opponent swings and flails and misses. Mayweather has never been knocked out, never knocked down, never beaten in 47 pro bouts.

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It was one of seven alleged assaults Mayweather has committed against five different women that resulted in him being arrested or issued a citation.