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Look at both the first and most recent occurrences of your dream and look for patterns. Of course, your life circumstances probably won’t be exactly the same, especially if the dream has been reoccurring for years.Look for similarities in the way you feel, how you behave, and the way you show up in the world.Even if you don’t actively use your dreams, most dreams will not reoccur.Sometimes, however, there is something *so* important that it needs your attention.The recurrent dream acts as a reminder that you are doing the same thing over and over again.They can show you that you are repeating the same behaviors that haven’t worked in the past or that you are holding on to beliefs that no longer serve you.Further, dream variations may be showing you what you need to do next or how you have changed.

When you pay attention to your dreams and take appropriate action on them, you integrate the lesson and your dreams move on to what’s next.Have you ever felt like you were having déjà vu in your dreams?If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.The end of the recurrent dream is a sign that you’ve integrated its lessons.To understand why you are having a particular dream, it’s helpful to look at two separate occurrences of the dream: Get out your dream journal or think back to the first time you had your reoccurring dream.

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Reoccurring dreams teach us that if we want to have different results, we need to take different actions.