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G3’s stunning Quad HD display supports an astounding 538ppi, commonly used to print high-quality gallery artbooks.

Plus, the soft ambient glow around the circle adds that extra hint of style and sophistication.*Quick Circle™ Case sold separately.Capture a sprawling skyline, a packed stadium concert, or the entire beach, all that your eyes can see plus more. Zoom out ultra wide (0.5X) for the first time ever on a smartphone. Take both a standard and wide angle photo at the same time.Take a variety of photos and videos from a tight close-up to a vast scene by simply pinching the screen. Make your picture pop and stand out against 4 photo-frame background effects: Fisheye, B&W, Vignette, Lens blur.The fingerprint unlock is in the perfect place (I think), at the back based on how you would hold a phone. Only disappointing thing is the lack of available addon's (LG Friends). The award winning LG Smart TV with Web OS offers easy access to built-in entertainment services, whether live TV or on demand, all at your finger tips with the intuitive Magic Remote. Picture Wizard allows you to easily adjust picture elements such as black level, colour, tint, sharpness and backlight at the touch of a button.

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Problems with overheating/ switching off Now it does not turn on despite all measures cannot afford to buy expensive phones every few years!

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