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The trauma of being forced to act like a boy to impress him coupled with the fall out from being caught kissing a boy caused things to fall apart with Robin Sr.and Robin moved in with her mother ( that she didn't play team sports when she was younger, only tennis, which she hated playing doubles.It was while living with her mother that Robin would embark on journey to become a Canadian pop sensation, going by the name Robin Sparkles.She began by starring on the kids show Space Teens alongside Jessica Glitter and Alan Thicke ().

Compared to Ted, her boyfriend, Robin is more skeptical and cynical, especially in terms of destiny, miracles and meeting "The One".The song was a minor hit and Robin would spend a year touring the malls of Canada and singing the song ().Let's Go to the Mall was followed up with a second song, Sandcastles in the Sand.Robin has several strange quirks which her friends have picked up on.For example she overuses the word "literally" in most of her sentences.

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(born July 23, 1980) is one of the five main characters of How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Canadian actress Cobie Smulders.

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