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Jennifer ellison dance mums online dating

Following last week’s shock outburst, Chloe Snr and her mum are excluded and auditions are held to find a replacement.After missing a rehearsal Sam is pulled from her duet and with last week’s terrible results still fresh in their minds, the girls must step up to the mark.Martin Clunes will play the Sherlock Holmes creator, who has become a self-admitted “bore and a sulk” after the death of his wife.

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She’s personally selected these girls and their mums from her home town of Liverpool and they’d better deliver, it’s Jen’s name and reputation on the line!

It’s all kicking off this week as the mums lose their cool causing Jen to impose some new rules.

Abby immediately gets to work – putting the girls through their paces, testing them, finding their strengths and their weaknesses and seeing if they’re up to Abby Lee’s exacting standard.

Jennifer is pleased with her surprise, but wants to make sure the girls perform to the best of their abilities so they can prove to Abby that the Brits have got just as much talent as their American counterparts.

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After last week’s success in Glasgow things were looking up, but not for long.

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