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For this innovation the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra received the Ministry of Culture Innovation Award in 2012.A notable composer for the Erhu was Liu Tianhua (刘天华/劉天華; Liú Tiānhuá; 1895–1932), a Chinese musician who also studied Western music.As soon as the horsehair bow was invented, it spread very widely.The Erhu consists of a long vertical stick-like neck, at the top of which are two large tuning pegs, and at the bottom is a small resonator body (sound box) which is covered with python skin on the front (playing) end.The Erhu can be traced back to proto-Mongolic instruments introduced to China more than a thousand years ago.It is believed to have evolved from the Xiqin (奚 琴).Third, the horse hair bow is never separated from the strings (which were formerly of twisted silk but which today are usually made of metal); it passes between them as opposed to over them (the latter being the case with western bowed stringed instruments).Lastly, although there are two strings, they are very close to each other and the player's left hand in effect plays as if on one string.

By 1958 professional players were using purpose made D and A steel Erhu strings as standard.

Two strings are attached from the pegs to the base, and a small loop of string (Qian Jin) placed around the neck and strings acting as a nut pulls the strings towards the skin, holding a small wooden bridge in place. First is that its characteristic sound is produced through the vibration of the python skin by bowing.

Second, there is no fingerboard; the player stops the strings by pressing their fingertips onto the strings without the strings touching the neck.

In 1988 China passed its Law on the Protection of Endangered Species after ratifying the UN Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), making it illegal to use and trade unlicensed pythons.

To regulate the use of python skins, China's State Forestry Administration introduced a certification scheme between python skin sellers in Southeast Asia and musical instrument makers in China.

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Outside China, manufacturers of Erhu can issue their own CITES licenses with approval by governments of their respective countries.