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I think brands are what I find most interesting, and brand consistency.

Achance meeting at a party led to a screen test with a production company, and Sarah first hit our TV screens with Property Ladder in 2001.

I was so unhappy, knowing that deep down inside of me i was not being true to myself and to the outside world we looked like the perfect couple and i almost fell over when a friend said that we were the couple that she thought of when thinking of the kind of relationship she would like to be in… Although, frankly, I find this kind of bloke more authentic and sarah dating site with their intentions and overall spirit than a lot of the polished men working in finance, divorced and in their late 40s and 50s.

Single un my opinion is being really honest with yourself abd i do believe when you are like this you can and do find contentment- maybe with a new partner or with yourself, either way its bliss.

Success stories Brian, I got engaged last night to a delightful woman who I met through this site.

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