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Sexist advertising campaigns

By 1979, anti-drink-drive films had become an annual staple.

They have now appeared continuously since 1976, and in 2013 the DFT’s sustained campaigns, under the Think!

This 1990 advert shone a spotlight on the effect drink-driving would have on the perpetrator's family.

By 1992, the same tagline was being used, but with the focus firmly on the victim, in this no-holds-barred advert.

The clips reflect the words of a poem, which is similar to those used in the successful poem campaigns of the 1970s.

It was the last Beanz Meanz Heinz campaign Super fans include Ian Botham, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, DJ Chris Evans Supermodel Gigi Hadid revealed in 2016 that she and her One Direction boyfriend Zayn Malik enjoy Heinz Beanz for breakfast Heinz Beanz was referenced by the English rock band The Who on their 1967 album The Who Sell Out.

There were 31,430 drink-drive accidents that year, killing 1,640 and seriously injuring 8,300.

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As the company celebrates 50 years of its famous 'Beanz Meanz Heinz' slogan, FEMAIL delves into the archives to share some of the most memorable - and star-studded - Heinz advertising campaigns of the last five decades...

2009: A series of clips from classic advertisements, showing children of different generations enjoying Heinz Beanz.

“Drinking and driving are dangerous,” the commentator breezily announces.

“Four single whiskies and the risk of accident can be twice as great.” A simple graphic superimposes a growing number of whisky tumblers against the silhouette of a partygoer’s head as the commentator adds: “Six single whiskies and the risk can be six times as great, eight, and the risk can be 25 times as great.” In words of advice that today would surely be slammed for being as sexist as they are casual (it almost looks like an advert for drinking as a squiffy couple hop into an old-fashioned taxi instead of driving home), the commentator says: “If he’s been drinking, don’t let him drink and drive. and drive.” “In cinematic terms it wouldn’t have threatened either Mary Poppins or Goldfinger, which both came out in the same year,” says Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation.

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