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I am huge fans of their work and I give their community service my highest possible endorsement.”The entire letter is provided below. Edwards were to write a similar letter today, he would be even more outspoken regarding Mr.

Walters’ sacrifices and efforts from 2015 to the present.

Rivers hold only about 0.006 percent of total freshwater reserves.[4] In addition to accessible surface water contained in lakes and rivers, approximately thirty percent of the earth’s freshwater consists of ground water held in underground aquifers.[5] Although a "hidden resource", groundwater serves the basic needs of more than half the world's population and may be the only source of water in arid and semi-arid regions.

Furthermore, glaciers, ice and snow “freeze” about 68.7 percent of the earth’s freshwater.[6] Approximately 260 of the world's river basins, with the majority of the world's freshwater flow, cross or create international political boundaries.[7] 145 countries — with close to half of the world's population — are in international river basins.[8] Therefore, cooperative management of this precious natural resource is imperative.

Treaties, as a rule, are developed among and between States.However, government bureaucracies prevent a quick action or deserved attention to the existing or developing issues.Under the auspices of the International Law Association, scholars, scientists and practicing lawyers collaborate and play a significant role in raising awareness of such issues.A Master of Science degree in Geology, earned from Poona University, complements her other degrees.She has presented on the topic of international marine environmental law in the United States and abroad.

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Often, these efforts have produced draft and model agreements for a possible resolution and are discussed here: Other links connect the user to various reports, studies, news, publications, and sources of other relevant information. [55] See also: Framework/LHWP_TREATY.pdf, In-Depth Case Study for the Mekong River Basin: the 1995 Agreement on the Cooperation for Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin System. [56] All links in this paragraph were accessed on 23 July 2017.

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