Xbox updating slow

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Xbox updating slow

Click on "TVersity on (Computer Name)" (TVersity basically acts like another computer on the LAN)If TVersity installed and worked correctly, then this option should come up, otherwise, if it doesn't, then you have a problem with your Xbox finding TVersity.I tried a different computer as I have 2, but if you only have 1, then I suggest going to the TVersity forums, there is a lot of help there.This often solves the "limited or no connectivity" issue not related to the xbox 360.Once you have the TVersity media server working perfectly, and it's accessible from the Xbox 360 dashboard, continue with the final step.Now replace the original code with "xvid" in both boxes.(you can also try "divx" but i recommend "xvid")For example, if the boxes show "dx50" which is "Div X codec 5.0", change them to "xvid".Since i pre-ordered the Xbox 360 (in march 06), i really badly wanted to watch video on the expensive console. (as if Microsoft wasn't happy with the amount of money they made from home and professional!!

From here, right click on the connection u are currently using and click on properties.

Better yet, this is THE ONLY Microsoft program that is easy to install and use. It is imperative that you install version 11 because the previous versions haven't been written to help stream media to the Xbox 360.

Note: Do not miss this step as windows media player is a very important part of the process.

The same applies for boxes that show, "div1" through to "div6".

If you type an incorrect code, it will result in an unplayable video, so it's best to backup the video first if your unfamiliar with this.

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